Catch Up With Colorintech Co-Founder, Ashleigh Ainsley




We sat down with colorintech co-founder, Ashleigh Ainsley, as he talks about how he is improving diversity within the tech community in the UK and how you can help close the digital skills gap.


Embracing Black Talent Within The Tech Industry – Q&A with Filmmaker & Creator Ebi Osuobeni






Designing for Accessibility: Q&A with CEO, Business Disability Forum






A Note From The Producer




Lucy Cottle, Conference Producer for Diversity in Technology, shares her thoughts on the importance of this conference to increasing diversity and inclusion.


Mixed-Race Other – Experiences with Diversity and Why I’m Most at Home in Tech




Rylan Holey, EMEA Partner Manager at Hootsuite, tells us why attending Diversity in Tech is a huge priority especially considering recent events.


Weaving D&I into the Fabric of your Company




Tracy Maraj, VP, Global People Operations at Qubit, talks about the exciting new diversity and inclusion program they are implementing in the company.


Cultivating An Inclusive Culture: Views from the Endz




Andy Ayim, Product Manager at World First, gives us a few pointers on how to align D&I measurement to business goals, ensure there is clear ownership by leaders, and make D&I a core part of your value set and culture.


Having Dinner with Elon Musk




Guy Armitage, CEO at Zealous, was kind enough to answer some of our questions ahead of the first full bodied conference dedicated to diversity in the technology sector.


An Interview with the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at the BBC




Toby Mildon, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at BBC, talks to us about his vision for the future of tech, and the business benefits and challenges of increasing D&I.






Using a Data Room Software to Improve Compliance & Security

Compliance and security can be bolstered with the help of Data Room Software. Whether it’s bank records, legal contracts, or other confidential paperwork, you may feel safe storing it and giving it to others in this space. Also, with the help of businesses may monitor user actions to check for policy compliance. Using this program, businesses may safeguard sensitive data from prying eyes and keep all relevant parties in the loop about any and all developments.