Embracing Black Talent Within The Tech Industry – Q&A with Filmmaker & Creator Ebi Osuobeni


Ebi Osuobeni is a filmmaker and creator of The Transmit, a web series which follows the best Black talent and Oscillate Tech TV, a YouTube web series which showcases the best in tech and innovation. She is an example of a Black woman in tech who uses her skills to embrace Black talent within the industry.

Why do you think diversity should be on everyone’s agenda?

“Diversity should be on everyone’s agenda because it’s important to reflect the array of voices and experiences that are part of the society we live in.

It allows for greater awareness and sensitivity when interacting with each other, and this in turn creates safe, productive and happy public & private spaces.”

What is Oscillate Tech TV?

“Oscillate Tech TV is a web series dedicated to highlighting and showcasing the best in Technology and Innovation by Black people, working in the UK Tech Sector. 

Over the past 10 years there has been an influx of stories in mainstream media about high profile startups, and the digitalisation of society, but it seemed as though Black founders, computer scientists, coders and designers didn’t exist in the UK.

I knew that couldn’t be true, so I set about finding them and recording their stories.”

What do you think about the role of minority groups in the technology sector? 

“The role of minority groups in the technology sector cannot be undervalued or understated. 

The diversity of experiences that comes from those outside the mainstream is so important, especially when one considers concepts such as Human Centered design – an idea that focuses on human needs when creating a product or service. 

Without input and feedback from people of varying backgrounds, products and services would only serve a select few.”

How did you get to where you are today?

I have always had in interest in technology, but it was mostly from a consumer standpoint.


“I don’t have a technical background having studied Journalism at university, but came up with the idea for Oscillate Tech TV because tech had become such a hot topic in the media, and I wanted to know what Black people were doing within the sector.

Professionally, I have worked in customer service for most of my working life.

But at the beginning of 2017 I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn who felt that I had the right type of experience for a business development role within a leading and fast growing Cyber Security Company.

I applied and got the job!”

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work within technology? 

“My advice to someone who aspires to work within Technology is that there are so many ways to enter the sector.

My Journalism degree and customer service experience made me a great candidate for a business development role, in which I not only get to learn about technology, but have also been able to develop my interpersonal skills.

Start to think about any transferable skills you may have gained from your time in education, and from any work experience you have, that could be useful within a Technology company.” 

So, what is important to you about inspiring the next generation? 

“It’s important for me to inspire the next generation, particularly young Black people, because they need to see that career success can happen outside of the traditional avenues that are pushed to us. 

I also want to dispel the idea that creativity, the arts and technology are mutually exclusive – they are not. 

They both inform each other and it’s necessary for young people to know and to be encouraged by that. 

Catch Ebi’s panel ‘How to Create an Inclusive World in a Non-Exclusive World’ at Diversity in Technology on the 24th May.”


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